I am also the owner and publisher ofa traditional publishing company called Vine Leaves Press. At VLP we publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and novels (all genres with a literary bent).
If you’re interested in self-publishing assistance, please visit Vine Leaves Press's Independent Publishing Assistance at indiepublishingassist.com.
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About Jessica Bell

Who is Jessica Bell Design?

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I began my career as a graphic designer when I self-published my first book as an author, a poetry collection called Twisted Velvet Chains, back in 2011. Being the type of person that 100% believes in the phrase ‘if there is a will there is a way,’ I embarked on a self-taught design journey. 1) Because I was penniless, and 2) Because I’ve always loved a creative challenge.


Very soon after my design debut, I started designing covers for author friends as favours. I didn’t charge back then, as it was just a fun way to make use of my creative energy. Until one of my friends told me I had talent, and that I should start a business. I took her advice, and since then I have designed hundreds of covers for indie, traditional, and hybrid authors, many of which have hit bestseller lists, and won awards. A few have even graced the shelves of WH Smiths at Heathrow airport.


Being an author myself, I fully understand the need to be able to incorporate your vision into your book cover. I allow you to do this while simultaneously hitting the right target audience, nailing a professional design, and adding a bit of extra artistic flair. That is why before I get started, I’ll have you fill in a very detailed client questionnaire that provides me with all the information I need to give you exactly what you want … sometimes without you even knowing you wanted it.


In various other parallel universes, I am also an award-winning author, writing and publishing coach, and singer/songwriter. In addition to having published a memoir, four novels, three poetry collections, and my bestselling Writing in a Nutshell series, I have been featured in a variety of publications and ABC Radio National shows such as Writer’s DigestPublisher’s Weekly, The Guardian, Life Matters, and Poetica.


I am also the Publisher of Vine Leaves Press, CEO of Independent Publishing Assistance, a voice-over actor, and the coordinator of the Writing Day Workshops.


In October 2016, I became the new lead singer of the well-known dream-pop group, Keep Shelly In Athens, and I also record and perform as a solo artist under the name BRUNO.


If you’re interested in learning more about how I think as a designer, you might like to read the following articles:

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