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Boxset Cover Design

Boxset Cover Design

Have a box set cover designed for your book series and delivered in an upload-ready JPEG and/or print-ready PDF suitable for all sorts of printers, distributors, and platforms, including Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Clays, Lightning Source, and IngramSpark. If you need a cover type that is not listed below, please contact me for a quote.


Prices (in Euros):


1) Using images already used in covers I designed for your series


2D digital cover: 100

3D digital cover: 150

2D + 3D digital cover: 150

Paperback cover: 150

2D + 3D + Paperback: 250


2) Using images already used in covers someone else designed for your series


2D digital cover: 150

3D digital cover: 200

2D + 3D digital cover: 200

Paperback cover: 200

2D + 3D + Paperback: 300


Note: Prices may increase if the originaldesign is not efficiently constructed and require that I do extra work to solve unforeseen technical issues.


3) According to a brief not related to any existing design


Please contact me for a quote. For a reference point please see the eBook Cover Design and Paperback Cover Design pages.