I am also the owner and publisher ofa traditional publishing company called Vine Leaves Press. At VLP we publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and novels (all genres with a literary bent).
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On a tight budget? Snap up a book cover I’ve already designed.

On a tight budget? Snap up a book cover I’ve already designed.

Pre-Made Covers: €150


Save 60%


On a tight budget? Snap up a book cover that I’ve already designed.


How? Browse the selection of covers, email me the item code, and tell me what changes you need.


What to expect:


1) Text changes only. eBook cover only. Cost = 150

2) Also need a paperback cover? Add 120.

3) Need something changed in the imagery? Tell me what you want, and if it can be done, we’ll negotiate a reasonable price for the extra changes.

4) Need other file formats? Tell me what you need and we will negotiate a reasonable price for that too.


Click HERE to see the book covers available.


Important Notes:

1) The genres in the item codes are based on what I believe to be the genre represented the most. However, many covers are versatile and could suit a variety of genres. So do yourself a favour and look through them all before deciding there is nothing suitable.


2) Any cover item codes that include ^ are part of a series design. These can, however, be purchased separately and the corresponding second design will be removed from the catalogue and kept on file for you in case you need it.


3) All pre-made covers are made with watermarked low resolution images and are incomplete. Finalized covers will not include watermarks, and will be crisp and refined.


December 28, 2019


Pre-made Covers: €150