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Inside the Wolf

Inside the Wolf


Niamh Boyce


About the Book

A contemporary poetry collection featuring historical figures, including a medieval ‘witch’. Some poems are written from the point of view of fairy tale characters, and some from the poet. Niamh’s answers to my questionnaire were detailed, but non-restrictive, and so I was able to visualize her ideas very quickly and combine them with my own artistic style. I knew instantly what I wanted to create once I read the following in her questionnaire: …there are skins, and paintings, and mermaids fins and a feeling of female power being reclaimed. So as an age, if this were personified, it would be in a woman in her forties, wildish, lots of hair, strong, green eyed maybe—I would like to play with expectations around time, and have her timeless and ancient but edgy and contemporary—somaybe a hoodie along with all that hair, or a tattoo, something to cut a current feel to the character…




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Author’s Testimonial

“Working with Jessica was a pleasure from beginning to end. She was professional, thorough, efficient, and incredibly gifted when it came to interpreting my book’s themes and content and creating an original image for the cover. Her initial questionnaire really helped me to get a clearer idea of what I wanted the cover look like, and firm up my ideas around the books theme and who it was speaking to. When she sent the three initial images that arose from my answers to the questionnaire—Iknew she had paid real attention to what I wanted, and really understood how best to represent that visually. I now have a cover that I am thrilled with, and that really represents the themes and voice of my collection.”


May 31, 2018